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How We Help

We connect, engage and advocate for Whistler seniors by fostering age-friendly environments and practices that are free of social and physical barriers. We also recognize that older residents have a wide range of needs and capabilities. Our goal is to enable older people to live independently and actively, and to do the things they enjoy even if they experience capacity loss. MAC offers valuable resources, information, and engagement programs in 9 interconnected sections to provide the health, social supports and services for seniors to live and age well in the Whistler community.

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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility

Seniors are vibrant and vital members of our community. Through advocacy and education, and by coordinating inclusive activities, MAC ensures seniors are valued, respected and included in all aspects of community life and decision-making.


MAC is the voice of people 55+ in Whistler. We listen to the concerns and needs of seniors, and advocate in the community on their behalf.


MAC works to identify aging-in-place strategies and available resources, and works with local partners to make Whistler a positive place for seniors to retire.


Activities, Events and Programs

We believe that to live and age well in Whistler, seniors need opportunities to have fun, be active, engaged, and feel connected to other seniors.

There are many ways to stay connected to each other, and MAC is continually updating our outreach efforts and developing meaningful partnerships.


Accessible, affordable, and right-sized housing is a high priority for community members who love Whistler and wish to age well in place. MAC actively advocates for seniors’ housing, provides information, and engages in partnerships so that older residents can continue to make Whistler their home.


Healthcare | Home Services

Supportive services help residents 55+ to be self-sufficient in their homes, and continue to live in Whistler. MAC identifies needs, advocates for services, and has trusted partnerships with a variety of home care and healthcare partners. 

A Community Response Network (CRN) is a diverse group of concerned community members, service providers, agencies, businesses and professionals who come together to create a coordinated community response to adult abuse, neglect, and self-neglect. The Whistler CRN facilitates prevention and education activities with local stakeholders, by supporting a coordinated response to abuse, neglect and self neglect of vulnerable adults in British Columbia.


There are many facets of health and wellness that contribute to healthy aging. Our goal is to offer information and services that facilitate the best-possible health outcomes for people 55+ in Whistler.


Independence is an important part of aging well. We advocate for better and increased transportation options in our community and region. MAC also offers resources, information and support to facilitate transport for people over 55.


Indoor | Outdoor

All community members 55+ have the right to feel safe in Whistler and be able to access public spaces. Our role is to identify safety issues within the community, make recommendations, and lobby on behalf of seniors.

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