Our Mission - We connect, engage and advocate for Whistler seniors                                                                                                                                                                        

Mayor Jack Crompton's opening remarks to MAC members on National Seniors day in Whistler


 On behalf of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, I am delighted to welcome you all to Whistler

Mature Action Community’s National Seniors Day celebrations on the traditional territory of the

Squamish Nation and the Lil’wat Nation.

 Three months ago we celebrated Whistler’s first ever centenarian and it was a day that had special

meaning for many of us here today.

 Howard and Lil Goldsmid moved here permanently in the early 80s and made Whistler better. They

worked the food bank, they built community and they helped my grandparents stay sane with all of

us grandkids running wild.

 Howard’s 100th means we are doing something right... but it also exposes some gaps. Gaps you are

working on. Gaps we are all working on.

 McLeans named Whistler the 17th best place in Canada to retire. That is true for many but it gets

harder as you age.

 Senior citizens 55 to Howard Goldsmid knit our social fabric and build our communities.

 It’s been a pleasure to work with the members of the Whistler Mature Action Community and

community members joining us today who are equally passionate about seniors’ activities and

wellness in Whistler.

 National Seniors Day and events like this one are a great opportunity for us to pause and reflect on

the huge role seniors in Whistler play in Whistler.

 You break stereotypes and increase community-wide understanding of the contributions from

people of all ages to their communities.

 We are thankful for the contribution of seniors who have contributed many working years to our

community, for your continued service so often in volunteer roles, as well as your contribution to

Whistler’s demographic diversity and stronger family and social dynamics.

 The RMOW looks to continue supporting Whistler’s seniors, through initiatives such as: o the

Whistler Housing Authority’s dedicated seniors housing options, including a new building underway

in Rainbow neighbourhood, o our partnership with the Whistler Community Services Society who

provide outreach services, and o providing a diverse range of recreation and leisure programs.

 I would like to thank the Whistler Mature Action Community who are doing wonderful work

advocating for Whistler’s senior community and providing ongoing active lifestyle opportunities.

 The same time we celebrated Howard’s 100th at council I went for a bike ride with my mother. It

occurred to me then that the needs and the contributions of seniors are extremely diverse.

 I hope you will consider the RMOW as a partner in addressing the needs and promoting the

contributions of seniors in Whistler.