Our Mission - We connect, engage and advocate for Whistler seniors                                                                                                                                                                        

Gentle Fit for Seniors

$60 for the whole month of classes for Whistler residents
$80 for the whole month of classes for non-Whistler residents

"Use it or Lose it" the saying goes! Join this online fitness class right from your own living room or home gym to get moving at your pace and be digitally surrounded by your peers. You will benefit from instruction on exercises for strength and flexibility, better posture and balance, coordination and agility. Beginners welcome. No special equipment needed. Use Water bottles, cans of food, grocery bags filled with books as your resistance tools or your home gym equipment if you have it! 

Mondays 9-10 am  Wednesdays 11-12  Fridays 1-2 pm 

Fridays may become an in-person class on Fridays starting January 15!
We are waiting approval to do this
It would be a MAX of 9 people allowed in person but any extras could still do the class on ZOOM as we will stream it at the same time. 

Marie-Anne Prevost
Meadow Park Sports Centre

8625 Highway 99
Whistler, B.C. V8E 1K1
TEL: 604-935-8356
FAX: 935-8359
E-MAIL: maprevost@whistler.ca


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