• The Mesothelioma Centre (www.asbestos.com) is an organization dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about mesothelioma symptoms, treatment options, clinical trials and mesothelioma life expectancy. Also, the Asbestos Trust Fund helping victims and their families get compensation through mesothelioma compensation funds
  • www.drugwatch.com/seniors/
  • www.drugwatch.com/drug-interactions/
  • Leiomyosarcoma.org - providing the most current and accurate information and news on causes and preventitive treatments for Leiomyosarcoma. If you are not familiar with Leiomyosaracoma, in short, sarcoma, is a type of malignant tumor that affects supportive tissues of the body.
  • Mesothelioma Treatment www.mesothelioma.net  Providing mesothelioma patients with free resources, support, education, and referrals to experienced mesothelioma doctors.  Current sponsor of the American Cancer Society, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Make a Wish Foundation and the National Patient Travel Center.  Provide scholarships for high school and college students that will help further educate students of this rare cancer.

  • The Future of Dementia care? www.hogeweyk.dementiavillage.com
  • Senseasonal Home Care Cindy Thomas (Certified Care Aide) 604 907 5730 senseasonalhomecare@gmail.com
  • Educational guide for seniors on healthy aging, alzheimer's, caregiving, medication and device complications, nursing homes and assisted living facilities: www.drugwatch.com/seniors/
  • Sleep Help - a site devoted to increasing sleep health awareness and wellness. A resource all about how patients in treatment and remission can deal with the sleep-disrupting side effects of chemotherapy, steroids, and other treatments. www.sleephelp.org/cancer-sleep/