Whistler Mature Action Community

History of

Whistler Mature Action Community

History of MAC

  • First exploratory meetings in 1993
  • Incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Society Act of BC in 1995
  • Early efforts primarily focused on organizing, visioning, eligibility requirements and raising awareness 
  • In fall of 2000 completed a Needs Survey from within membership, and retained a planning & development consultant
  • During year 2001 several new initiatives undertaken including: updating membership requirements; completion of an overview Site Opportunity Study, selecting sites for further consideration; preparation of a Subscribers Agreement, raising monies to help with initiatives; consultations with the Whistler Housing Association [WHA]; preparation of a formal submission to the municipality requesting 'A Municipal Policy And Assistance Relative To Seniors Housing'
  • Ongoing meetings with Municipal staff and Council Members, building awareness and emphasizing a sense of urgency [eg without some incentives, it is apparent that the market place will not be building any seniors housing]
  • In November 2001 Council confirmed by resolution that 'Housing developed exclusively for use by Whistler seniors [subject to appropriate price and resale controls and qualification requirements] is considered resident housing', and is therefore not subject to the municipal bed unit limit [eg formal recognition under the municipal resident housing policy]
  • Unfortunately over the years several seniors relocated to other municipalities because there has been no suitable housing for them in Whistler
  • In early 2003 a seniors housing task force was created as a Council initiative, and it reported back to Council with 12 recommendations
  • A follow-up policy report was presented by staff to Council in December 2003; soon after it was agreed that the RMOW would take on the lead role for delivery of seniors housing, with a first priority to find suitable site for seniors housing
  • By early 2004 MAC expanded its role in the community to represent seniors needs and issues on a broader scale
  • Early in 2005 MAC entered into a partnership agreement with the RMOW relative to the Whistler 2020, with our common purpose to work together towards a future that is sustainable for seniors; by now MAC is now well represented on organizations & committees throughout the community
  • In November 2005 MAC entered, in principle, into a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with the Whistler Housing Authority [WHA] , which set out guidelines for a partnership to facilitate the provision and administration of seniors restricted housing in Whistler
  • The MOU includes the qualification requirements for occupancy of seniors restricted housing, either as an owner or tenant
  • As part of this MOU agreement a MAC representative has been sitting on the WHA Board as a non-voting member since November 2005
  •  During 2005 several opportunities for seniors restricted housing were identified by the Municipal Planning Department [in consultation with MAC], and three were selected for further consideration
  • By early 2006 these three seniors housing communities were moving forward through various stages of preliminary planning and the development process as part of more comprehensive developments [for more, refer to the Housing Page]

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